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From Ancient Greek ἰδιωματικός (idiōmatikós, related to an idiom), from ἰδίωμα (idíōma, idiom).

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  • IPA(key): /ˌɪdi.əˈmætɪk/
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idiomatic (comparative more idiomatic, superlative most idiomatic)

  1. Pertaining or conforming to idiom, the natural mode of expression of a language.
    The inclusion or omission of definite articles follows idiomatic norms in each language and depends on context and intent.
    In English, the only idiomatic position for a pronoun as the object of a phrasal verb is before the particle, whereas a noun as object can fall either before or after the particle; thus only he picked them up but either he picked his tools up or he picked up his tools.
  2. Resembling or characteristic of an idiom.
    An idiomatic phrase that warns us against Pollyannaism is "don't count your chickens before they hatch".
  3. (music) Relating to parts or pieces which are written both within the natural physical limitations of the instrument and human body and, less so or less often, the styles of playing used on specific instruments.

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idiomatic (plural idiomatics)

  1. Synonym of idiom
    • 2003, Thiery Dutoit, Yannis Stylianou, “Text-to-Speech Synthesis”, in Ruslan Mitkov, editor, The Oxford Handbook of Computational Linguistics[1], Oxford University Press, →ISBN, page 325:
      A preprocessing (or text normalization) module is necessary as a front end, since TTS [text-to-speech] systems should in principle be able to read any text, including numbers, abbreviations, acronyms, and idiomatics in any format.

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Borrowed from French idiomatique. Equivalent to idiom +‎ -atic.

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idiomatic m or n (feminine singular idiomatică, masculine plural idiomatici, feminine and neuter plural idiomatice)

  1. idiomatic

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