See also: lop, löp, løp, and lốp

Vietnamese edit

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Likely related to lợp (to roof).

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lớp (, , , , 𧙀)

  1. a layer (single thickness of some material covering a surface)
    Phủ một lớp bơ lên miếng bánh mì nướng.
    Spread a layer of butter on that slice of toast.
    • 18th century, Đặng Trần Côn (鄧陳琨) (circa 1705–1745) (original Chinese), translated by Đoàn Thị Điểm (段氏點) (1705–1746/1748) (traditionally claimed), might actually be translated by Phan Huy Ích (潘輝益) (1751–1822), Chinh phụ ngâm khúc (征婦吟曲), lines 143-144:
      Rêu xanh mấy lớp chung quanh,
      Dạo sân một bước, trăm tình ngẩn ngơ.
      With patches of green moss around me,
      Each step I take in the courtyard, hundred thoughts swirl in my heart.
  2. grade; school year
    Em học lớp năm.
    I'm a fifth grader. / I'm a fifth-grade student. / I'm in fifth grade.
  3. (education) a class (group of students in a regularly scheduled meeting with a teacher)
    Mấy đứa con trai lớp A quậy lắm!
    Class A has a lot of mischievous boys!
  4. (taxonomy) a class
    lớp Thú / lớp Có VúMammalia
  5. (theater) an act
    Lớp 1, Cảnh 1Act 1, Scene 1
  6. (literary) a generation
    lớp trẻyounger generations

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