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Inherited from Old Catalan liurar, from Latin līberāre. Compare Occitan liurar, French livrer, Spanish librar.

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lliurar (first-person singular present lliuro, first-person singular preterite lliurí, past participle lliurat)

  1. (transitive) to deliver, to hand over
    Synonym: entregar
  2. (transitive) to submit, to subject [+ a (object) = to]
  3. (reflexive) to subject oneself [+ a (object) = to], to indulge [+ a (object) = in]
    Synonym: abocar-se
    Era incapaç d'apassionar-se ni de lliurar-se a res.
    He was incapable of getting passionate about or abandoning himself to anything.

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