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From Old Chinese (OC *məʔ) (B-S) (SV: mỗ).



mợ ()

  1. maternal aunt-in-law, mother's brother's wife
    Dung dăng dung dẻ
    Dắt trẻ đi chơi
    Đến cổng nhà trời
    Lạy cậu lạy mợ
    Cho cháu về quê
    Cho dê đi học
    Cho cóc ở nhà
    Cho gà bới bếp
    Xì xì xì xụp
    Ngồi thụp xuống đây
    Merry, merry as we are
    We go out with the children
    When we reach the heavenly gate
    We beg uncles and aunties
    To let their nieces and nephews go back home
    To let the goats go to school
    To let the toads stay home
    To let the chickens dig in the kitchen
    Zee zee zup zup
    Now we all sit down
  2. (Nghệ An, Hà Tĩnh) paternal aunt-in-law, father's younger brother's wife
  3. (dialectal, Central Vietnam) mother; mom




  1. (minced oath) Alternative form of mẹ (fuck)

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