miss out

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miss out (third-person singular simple present misses out, present participle missing out, simple past and past participle missed out)

  1. To miss an experience or lose an opportunity, etc. that should not be missed.
    Anybody who does not try the homemade ice cream is really missing out.
    I think he's going to miss out on the opportunity to date her if he doesn't hurry.
    • 2012 May 5, Phil McNulty, “Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      The final started with £85m worth of striking talent on the bench as Carroll was a Liverpool substitute and Chelsea's Fernando Torres missed out on a starting place against his former club.
  2. (chiefly Britain) To leave out, to omit.
    • 2010 November 8, Meanwhile, in the TARDIS... (mini-episodes included in the fifth season of Doctor Who):
      DOCTOR (as the TARDIS is showing pictures of his previous companions): Miss out the metal dog, why don't you?



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