See also: stati and sťati

Old Czech edit

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): (13th CE) /ˈstaːci/
  • IPA(key): (15th CE) /ˈstaːci/

Etymology 1 edit

Inherited from Proto-Slavic *stojati.

Verb edit

státi impf

  1. to stand
    státi k súduto stand in court
    státi někomu řěčito interrogate
    stój dokud stójno matter how long it takes
    státi na stravěto take one's meals
  2. to strive [+ po (locative)]
  3. to depend [+ v (locative)]
  4. to stand by, to hold by [+ za (instrumental)]
  5. to cost [+ za (accusative)]
Conjugation edit
Descendants edit
  • Czech: stát

Etymology 2 edit

Inherited from Proto-Slavic *stati.

Verb edit

státi pf (imperfective stávati)

  1. to stand, to assume a position
  2. to stop, to die
  3. (reflexive with ) to happen
  4. (reflexive with ) to become
Conjugation edit

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