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From Middle English vilipenden, from Old French vilipender, from Latin vilipendere, from vilis (worthless) + pendere (to consider, weigh).


IPA(key): /ˈvɪləˌpɛnd/


vilipend (third-person singular simple present vilipends, present participle vilipending, simple past and past participle vilipended)

  1. To despise.
  2. To express a disparaging opinion of; to slander or vilify.
    • 1853, July 10. "Evil Birds", The Colonist (Nelson, New Zealand): page 4:
      But we desire, most unhesitatingly to condemn and vilipend a system of continual abuse, intended to fall upon the provincial Government, but in reality reaching and injuring the public at large.
    • 1917, O. W. Firkins, The Nation, The Nation Company, page 176:
      But, for all their feint of nonchalance, these young persons have no other task in life but to explain and extol their own conduct and to vilipend their critics and opponents.