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May be compared with Proto-Turkic *tart-, see Turkish tartmak.
Sense "to smoke, to inhale" is a semantic loan from Chinese (chōu, to draw).



татах (tatah) (Mongolian spelling ᠲᠠᠲᠠᠬᠤ (tataqu))

  1. to pull, to drag
  2. to fasten, to tighten, to draw together
  3. to restrain
  4. to draw (a rope, a line)
  5. to contract, to cramp, to twitch (of an organ)
  6. to dig (a ditch)
  7. to mince, to grind
    татсан махtatsan mahground meat
  8. to mend (clothing)
  9. to inhale
    тамхи татахtamhi tatahto smoke (tobacco)
  10. to fold up, to gather up
  11. to play (a string, wind instrument)
  12. to levy (conscripts, taxes)
  13. to involve (someone in an event)
  14. (weather) to appear
    манан татахmanan tatahfor fog to settle in
  15. to attract, to entice
  16. to weight (to be equal in weight to)
  17. (computing) to download

Derived termsEdit




та́тах (tátaxm anim pl

  1. prepositional plural of та́та (táta)