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Alternative formsEdit


From Middle Persian bʾc (bāǰ), from Proto-Iranian *bāǰi- (tribute, tax), ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *bʰeh₂g- (to distribute, allot); see there for more.

Related to باغ (garden), بخت (fortune, luck), and the verb بخشیدن (to endow, forgive); Indo-European cognates include Ancient Greek ἔφαγον (éphagon, I ate)‌ and Sanskrit भक्ति (bhaktí, distribution, partition, separation).


باژ (bâž)

  1. tribute, toll, duty, revenue, tax, impost
  2. any grievous imposition which distresses the poor or the conquered
  3. silence observed by the Pârsis whilst eating or performing their ablutions
  4. a fathom
  5. the shoulder
  6. the distance between each hand when the arms are horizontally extended in an opposite directio
  7. the arm, or the upper part of it
  8. a finger joint
  9. name of a town in the dependencies of Tus, and birthplace of Ferdousi

Derived termsEdit


  • Kurdish: باج(bac) (bāj)
  • Ottoman Turkish: باج (bâc)