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Cognate with Northern Thai ᨲᩦ, Lao ຕີ (), ᦎᦲ (ṫii), Shan တီ (tǐi).


t ī
Royal Instituteti
(standard) IPA(key)/tiː˧/(R)


ตี (dtii) (abstract noun การตี)

  1. to hit; to strike; to beat.
  2. to attack; to assail.
  3. to fight; to quarrel; to brawl.
  4. to conflict; to be in conflict; to be repugnant (to); to be incompatible (with).
  5. (of a percussion instrument or the like) to sound or play by beating, tapping, or the like.
  6. to create or make by hitting, striking, or the like.
  7. (of a line) to create, as by drawing along a ruler.
  8. (usually of wings) to flap.
  9. (of a feeling, emotion, attitude, etc) to express; to feign.
  10. (of value, price, etc) to appraise; to determine.
  11. to take for granted, to assume; to view, to consider.
  12. to press; to impress; to stamp.


ตี (dtii)

  1. hour between 1–6 am, at the beginning of which a bell is traditionally sounded for the purpose of timekeeping.

Derived termsEdit

Derived terms