あご (ago

  1. , , : a chin; a lower jaw; a meal; chit-chat, talk; alternate for 鮟鱇 (ankō, anglerfish)
  2. : a gill; alternate for (agu, the barb on a hook)
  3. : a lower jaw; a gill
  4. : alternate for (agoe, the spur claw on animals such as chickens)
  5. 吾子: term of endearment for one's own child; you (compare English sweetie, dearie, love); I, me (used primarily by children)
  6. 網子: a netter: someone who helps haul in a fishing net
  7. : (rare) a jaw
  8. : (rare) talk; speaking the truth
  9. : (rare) nod
  10. 飛魚: (rare) a flying fish

Proper nounEdit

あご (Ago

  1. 阿児: the town of Ago in Mie Prefecture, Japan
  2. 英虞: short for 英虞湾 (​Agowan): Ago bay