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Japanese Edit

Noun Edit

しんとう (shintō

  1. 新党: new party
  2. 親等: degree of kinship
  3. 浸透: permeation
  4. 心頭: heart
  5. 神灯: sacred light
  6. 新刀: newly-made sword
  7. 深悼: Extreme grief, deep mourning.
  8. 神灯: A holy flame set to honor a kami (spirit or god).
  9. 神統: The system or hierarchy of kami.
  10. 親等: The degree of kinship.
  11. 津頭: A ferry landing.
  12. 軫悼: Extreme grief.

Proper noun Edit

しんとう (Shintō

  1. 神道: Shinto

Verb Edit

しんとうする (shintō surusuru (stem しんとう (shintō suru shi), past しんとうした (shintō suru shita))

  1. 浸透: permeate