Etymology 1Edit

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びる (biruichidan (stem (bi), past びた (bita))

  1. (non-productive) to act like (something); to act (in a certain manner)
    (ふる) (furui, old)(ふる)びる (furubiru, to become old)
    大人(おとな) (otona, adult)大人(おとな)びる (otonabiru, to act like an adult)
Usage notesEdit
  • Some verbs with this suffix irregularly evolved to godan verbs.
    真似(まね) (mane, imitation)(まな) (manabu, to learn)

Etymology 2Edit

For pronunciation and definitions of びる – see ビル.
(This term, びる, is an alternative spelling of the above terms.)

(The following entry is uncreated: ビル.)