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ふし (rōmaji fushi)

  1. ふし: a kind of fishing harpoon consisting of an iron trident head fitted to an oaken shaft
  2. 五倍子, 付子: a gall on the Rhus javanica or Rhus chinensis tree, also known as the Chinese nutgall tree
  3. : brushwood; brushwood placed in water in winter to attract fish
  4. : a knuckle or joint; a joint in bamboo; a tune or melody; a knot in wood
  5. 不死: eternal life, immortality
  6. 府史: a clerk or secretary in a government office; a governmental history
  7. 浮子: a float used in fishing
  8. 父子: father and son

Proper nounEdit

ふし (rōmaji Fushi)

  1. 傅子: the Fu Zi, a Chinese historical work compiled in the third century by Fu Xun



ふし (romaji husi)

  1. : star