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For pronunciation and definitions of ぼく – see the following entries.
[noun] manservant, servant
[pronoun] (men's speech) I; me (personal pronoun; usually used by males; implies that the speaker is a young boy or otherwise boyish)
[pronoun] you, he, she (only used in reference to a person who uses this term to refer to themselves, or is one who is assumed to use it, such as a young boy)
Alternative spelling
[noun] a tree; more specifically, a living tree
[noun] the bent and gnarled trunk or roots of an old tree
[noun] wood, lumber
[noun] something made of wood
[noun] in ancient China, a wooden musical instrument
[adjective] (derogatory) wooden, as of a person's character or behavior
[adjective] (derogatory) wooden, as of a person's mental abilities: blockheaded, stupid, dimwitted
(This term, ぼく, is an alternative spelling of the above terms.
For a list of all kanji read as ぼく, not just those used in Japanese terms, see Category:Japanese kanji read as ぼく.)