Japanese edit

Kanji in this term
いち > いっ
Grade: 1
Grade: S
Alternative spellings
一緖 (kyūjitai)
一所 (obsolete)

Pronunciation edit

Adjective edit

(いっ)(しょ) (issho-na (adnominal (いっ)(しょ) (issho na), adverbial (いっ)(しょ) (issho ni))

  1. combined, merged, unified
  2. same, identical (of two or more things)

Inflection edit

Antonyms edit

Noun edit

(いっ)(しょ) (issho

  1. combination; a state which is combined
  2. meeting

Usage notes edit

  • 一緒 is most often used adverbally with the particle (ni) as 一緒に (issho ni).

References edit

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