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Grade: 1


上がる (intransitive, godan conjugation, hiragana あがる, rōmaji agaru)

  1. rise, ascend, go up
    レベルが ()がりました
    Reberu ga agarimashita.
    You have gone up a level.
    階段 (かいだん) ()がる
    Kaidan o agaru.
    I'll go up the stairs.
     (ふう) (せん) ()がった
    Fūsen ga agatta.
    The balloon went up.
  2. go in, enter (a house)
  3. get out (of a pool, etc.)
  4. visit, call (on someone)
  5. be promoted, go up (in social standing)
     () (ねん) ()がる
    Ni nen ni agaru.
    To go on on to the second grade.
  6. let up, come to an end
     (あめ) ()がった
    Ame ga agatta.
    The rain let up.
  7. flare up (as in fire)


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