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to do; to make; to produce
to go out; to come out; to occur; to produce; to go beyond; to rise; to put forth; to happen; (a measure word for dramas, plays, or operas)
simp. and trad.
variant forms 作出




  1. to make
    做出決定 / 做出决定  ―  zuòchū juédìng  ―  to make a decision
    做出貢獻 / 做出贡献  ―  zuòchū gòngxiàn  ―  to make a contribution
  2. (emphasising the (adverse) outcome) to do
    竟然做出真係失望 [Cantonese, trad.]
    竟然做出真系失望 [Cantonese, simp.]
    Nei5 ging2 jin4 zou6 ceot1 di1 gam2 ge3 je5, zan1 hai6 ling6 ngo5 hou2 sat1 mong6. [Jyutping]
    I can't believe you actually did such a thing. You really let me down.