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differ from; short of; to lack; poor; send; a messenger; a mission; to commission; uneven; difference; discrepancy; to differ; error; to err; to make a mistake
ten thousand; a great number; surname
other; distinguish; contrary; difficult; awkward; leave; depart; separate; classify; another; do not; must not; to pin
trad. (千差萬別)
simp. (千差万别)




  1. varying greatly; having a diverse range; multifarious
    難民來自不同社會階層語言文化政治宗教信仰千差萬別 [MSC, trad.]
    难民来自不同社会阶层语言文化政治宗教信仰千差万别 [MSC, simp.]
    Nànmín láizì bùtóng de shèhuì jiēcéng, qí yǔyán, wénhuà, zhèngzhì yǔ zōngjiàoxìnyǎng qiānchāwànbié. [Pinyin]
    Refugees come from different social classes and have a diversity of languages, cultures and political and religious beliefs.