See also: 对象 and 対象

Chinese edit

couple; pair; to be opposite
couple; pair; to be opposite; to oppose; to face; for; to; correct (answer); to answer; to reply; to direct (towards sth); right
shape; form; appearance
shape; form; appearance; elephant; image under a map (maths)
trad. (對象)
simp. (对象)

Etymology edit

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Pronunciation edit

Note: Erhua-ed pronunciation - chiefly the “partner” sense.

Noun edit

對象 (countable)

  1. target; object (Classifier: m)
  2. subject (for research, testing, etc.); candidate (for training) (Classifier: m)
    研究對象研究对象  ―  yánjiū duìxiàng  ―  research subject
    培養對象培养对象  ―  péiyǎng duìxiàng  ―  candidate for training
  3. partner; boyfriend or girlfriend; significant other; other half (Classifier: m)
    對象对象  ―  zhǎo duìxiàng  ―  to look for a partner
    對象对象  ―  chǔ duìxiàng  ―  to date
  4. (Mainland China, object-oriented programming) object (Classifier: m)

Synonyms edit

  • (computing): (Taiwan) 物件 (wùjiàn)

Derived terms edit

Descendants edit

Sino-Xenic (對象):

Japanese edit

Kanji in this term
Grade: 5

Noun edit

(たい)(しょう) (taishō

  1. Kyūjitai form of 対象: object, target (of worship, study, etc.); subject (of taxation, etc.)

Korean edit

Hanja in this term

Noun edit

對象 (daesang) (hangeul 대상)

  1. Hanja form? of 대상.

Vietnamese edit

chữ Hán Nôm in this term

Noun edit


  1. chữ Hán form of đối tượng (object, target).