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emperor; surname ancestor; forefather; grandparents [deceased] father
simp. and trad.




  1. (archaic) a posthumous name for grandfathers in Zhou rituals
    From: The Book of Rites, Qu Li II, 122
    Jì wángfù yuē huángzǔkǎo, wángmǔ yuē huángzǔbǐ. Fù yuē huángkǎo, mǔ yuē huángbǐ. Fū yuē huángpì. Shēng yuē fù, yuē mǔ, yuē qī, sǐ yuē kǎo, yuē bǐ, yuē pín. [Pinyin]
    In sacrificing to them, a grandfather is called "the sovereign grandfather"; a grandmother, "the sovereign grandmother"; a father, "the sovereign father"; a mother, "the sovereign mother"; a husband, "the sovereign pattern". While alive, the names of father, mother, and wife are used; when they are dead, those of "the completed one", "the corresponding one", and "the honored one".