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(of weather) overcast; Yin; feminine
(of weather) overcast; Yin; feminine; moon; cloudy; negative (electric.); shady
flat; level; equal
flat; level; equal; to make the same score; to tie; to draw; calm; peaceful
trad. (陰平)
simp. (阴平)




  1. (調, ) (phonology) dark level tone, a tone in various modern Chinese varieties, generally corresponding to the level tone and voiceless onset in Middle Chinese, e.g. tone 1 (/˥/) in Standard Mandarin (marked in Hanyu Pinyin with a macron [ ¯ ] and usually left unmarked in bopomofo), tone 1 (/˥/) in Guangzhou Cantonese, tone 1 (/˦/) in Meixian Hakka, tone 1 (/˦/) in Xiamen/Taiwanese Hokkien (unmarked in Pe̍h-ōe-jī)

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