U+9938, 餸

CJK Unified Ideographs

Translingual edit

Han character edit

(Kangxi radical 184, +10, 19 strokes, cangjie input 人戈卜廿大 (OIYTK), composition )

References edit

  • Kangxi Dictionary: not present, would follow page 1424, character 17
  • Hanyu Da Zidian (first edition): volume 7, page 4468, character 7
  • Unihan data for U+9938

Chinese edit

simp. 𩠌
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Glyph origin edit

Phono-semantic compound (形聲形声) and ideogrammic compound (會意会意): semantic + phonetic (sung3).

Etymology edit

From (sung3, to accompany (a staple food)) (Chan, 1998).

Pronunciation edit

Definitions edit

  1. (Cantonese) a dish served to accompany rice or other staple food
    𩠌 [Cantonese]  ―  zing2 sung3 [Jyutping]  ―  to prepare a dish/dishes
    今晚 [Cantonese, trad.]
    今晚𩠌 [Cantonese, simp.]
    gam1 maan5-1 sik6 mat1 sung3 aa3? [Jyutping]
    What are we eating tonight? (lit. What dishes are we eating with our rice tonight?)

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