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First attested in the Worin cheon'gangjigok (月印千江之曲 / 월인천강지곡), 1449, as Middle Korean 가ᄅᆞ〮 (Yale: kàló(l)).

This word is part of a family of related terms with a core meaning of "split". The ancestral root form appears to have been *가ᄃᆞ *kato- or similar, with some forms undergoing intervocalic lenition and some not. Related forms include 가락 (garak, spindle, strand), 가달 (gadal, something split from each other), 가닥 (gadak, strand, long thin object), and 가르다 (gareuda, to split, to sort out).

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Revised Romanization?gallae
Revised Romanization (translit.)?gallae
Yale Romanization?kallay

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갈래 (gallae)

  1. division, separation, split, strand, thread, fork

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