U+B140, 녀
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Hangul Syllables

네 ←→ 녜

Korean edit

Etymology 1 edit

Sino-Korean word from (woman).

Noun edit

South Korean
Standard Language
여(女) (yeo)
North Korean
Standard Language
녀(女) (nyeo)

(nyeo) (hanja )

  1. North Korea standard spelling of 여(女) (yeo, woman; female).
    Coordinate term: 남(男) (nam, man; male)
  2. daughter; used only when counting the number of children
    Coordinate term: 남(男) (nam, son)
    2 2 막내.Na-neun 2-nam 2-nyeo jung mangnae-da.I am the youngest (child) among two sons and two daughters.
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Suffix edit

—녀 (-nyeo) (hanja )

  1. woman (who is characterized by this)
    Coordinate term: 남(男) (-nam, man; male)

Etymology 2 edit

Korean reading of various Chinese characters.

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Extended content
  1. :
    (MC reading: (MC nrjoX|nrjoH))
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    (MC reading: (MC nrjo|nrae))