See also: beli, belí, and bełi

Hungarian edit

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Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [bɛli]
  • Hyphenation: be‧li

Suffix edit


  1. (adjective-forming suffix) Added to a noun to form an adjective. Some of the derived words can also be used as nouns.
    képzelet (imagination)képzeletbeli (imaginary)
    tér (space)térbeli (spatial)
    Egyesült Államok (United States)egyesült államokbeli (US-based)

Declension edit

Inflection (stem in -e-, front unrounded harmony)
singular plural
nominative -beli -beliek
accusative -belit -belieket
dative -belinek -belieknek
instrumental -belivel -beliekkel
causal-final -beliért -beliekért
translative -belivé -beliekké
terminative -beliig -beliekig
essive-formal -beliként -beliekként
inessive -beliben -beliekben
superessive -belin -belieken
adessive -belinél -belieknél
illative -belibe -beliekbe
sublative -belire -beliekre
allative -belihez -beliekhez
elative -beliből -beliekből
delative -beliről -beliekről
ablative -belitől -beliektől
possessive - singular
-belié -belieké
possessive - plural
-beliéi -beliekéi

Synonyms edit

Derived terms edit

compounds with pronouns
forms of state and organizations, normally as part of adjectival forms of the full names
in adjectival forms of the names of mountains and mountain ranges (excerpts)
in adjectival forms of acronyms denoting countries and organizations (excerpts)
in adjectival forms of names of families and dynasties, often as part of compounds formed with proper nouns
in adjectival forms of time periods, also as part of compound nouns and expressions
in adjectival forms of locations and institutions, often as part of compound proper nouns (excerpts)
in adjectival forms of actual and imaginary concepts expressing spatial units, including neighborhoods, regions, territories, settlements, and other geographical terms
in adjectival forms of astronomical objects, including planets, constellations, and other entities (excerpts)
in adjectival forms of proper names of notable monuments or other places (excerpts)
in adjectival forms of communities, societies, associations, movements, armed forces, companies, stores, etc.
in adjectival forms of works of art, especially literature and music, often as part of compound proper nouns
in adjectival forms of proper names of works of arts: titles of books, musical pieces, journals, magazines, websites etc. (excerpts), always preserving the capital initial and the hyphen
expressing the field, domain, extent, or scope of a feature, attribute, faculty, or relationship (= regarding, concerning)
in adjectival forms of abstract entities, expressing belonging to that entity
expressing the place where an object is worn or used

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