In alignment and out of alignment


French alignement


  • IPA(key): [əˈɫaɪnmənt]
  • (file)


alignment (countable and uncountable, plural alignments)

  1. An arrangement of items in a line.
  2. The process of adjusting a mechanism such that its parts are aligned; the condition of having its parts so adjusted.
  3. An alliance of factions.
  4. (astronomy) The conjunction of two celestial objects.
  5. (transport) The precise route or course taken by a linear way (road, railway, footpath, etc.) between two points.
  6. (role-playing games) In a roleplaying game, one of a set number of philosophical attitudes a character can take.
  7. (bioinformatics) A way of arranging DNA, RNA or protein sequences in order to identify regions of similarity.

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