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Hello! I am an administrator over at the English Wikipedia next door. You can find my user page there, with much more information about me.

I have an interest in protologisms, slang/jargon, and rare English words.

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Word of the day for August 22
lorry n
  1. (road transport, Britain) A motor vehicle for transporting goods, and in some cases people; a truck.
  2. (dated) A barrow or truck for shifting baggage, as at railway stations.
  3. (dated) A small cart or wagon used on the tramways in mines to carry coal or rubbish.
  4. (obsolete) A large, low, horse-drawn, four-wheeled wagon without sides; also, a similar wagon modified for use on railways.
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Foreign word of the day  in Kikuyu
mũcingũ class 3, noun
  1. A savoury smell, especially the fragrance of roasting meat.
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Other words

Just some made-up words (neologisms) that sound like they could be English words
...and as it turned out, some of them actually really were English words!