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Wiktionary:Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense

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These are the things that happen in the course of editing which would not normally merit a page, but it gives a chuckle to know they do happen.

See also WP:BJAODN.



het gras is altijd groener aan de overkantEdit

From alternative forms:

  • "de vrouw van de buurman is altijd groener dan je gras" ("the neighbour's wife is always greener than your grass")


Boffercriss AmericrissEdit


The bopher (Boffercriss Americriss) is a species of the animal group boffercriss . Also known as bofers, bophers are considered one of the premier animals in America. "Though they may be small in size and stature, Boffercriss Americriss is one of the most deadly animals in America, capable of consuming a whole adult human being in less than five minutes,"the Peneguin


Bophers only reside in California, primarily in Southern California.


The process of how Jimmy Haslam ruins a truck stop by converting it to a Pilot or Flying J.

Health NaziEdit

A health Nazi is someone who has an almost unhealthy preoccupation with health, diet and fitness, unlike most health conscious people health Nazis rigidly enforce their personal beliefs upon everyone else using bullying, shaming and judgment as tools to force people to agree with their belief system. The health, diet and fitness movement has become so powerful it now resembles an ideology and the major enforcers of this new ideology are the Health Nazis.


Definition: Brelundin (noun) is a main meal taken once in the day to replace breakfast, lunch and dinner. The term Brelundin is an abbreviation and stands for Bre(Breakfast), Lun (Lunch), Din (Dinner). It is used as a means of dieting for people who are busy throughout their day. The one meal tends to be had in the evening but it is up to the individuals preference. The term was created by Stephen Geddes due to an extremely busy schedule.



Greenhorn CellsEdit

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Meaning of CarlosEdit

A super cool name only given to very special people that usually have very big dicks and like their hair long.

Niko defence leagueEdit

Niko is a beautiful man we love you niko

Priangan ResidencyEdit

It is the Netherlands that is lost and defeated by the Indonesia by one Indonesian hero that climb up the pole and rip the blie part of the Netherlands flag and Indonesia is independent in 17 August 1995 and the Netherlands leave from Indonesia.

Usage notes at clitEdit

When you type Condom in the YouTube search box, the Autocomplete search suggestions go blank the moment you type the M, so Condominium also has no suggestions. Ironically enough, Clit does not get given the same treatment, so Clitellum and other similar words are not censored though Clitoris DOES get censored.