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Current accounts with the bot flagEdit

Active or semi-active bots
Bot name User name Bot functions
BuchmeierBot (talkcontribs) Matthias Buchmeier (talkcontribs) Spanish - verb forms
DerbethBot (talkcontribs) Derbeth (talkcontribs) audio - linking files
MalafayaBot (talkcontribs) Malafaya (talkcontribs) general - interwiki links in Category and Main namespaces
MewBot (talkcontribs) CodeCat (talkcontribs) Dutch - verb and adjective forms; Catalan, Esperanto, Finnish - verb forms
MglovesfunBot (talkcontribs) Mglovesfun (talkcontribs) general maintenance
Rukhabot (talkcontribs) Ruakh (talkcontribs) interwikis; {{t}} updates; assorted approved tasks
SemperBlottoBot (talkcontribs) SemperBlotto (talkcontribs) French, Italian, German and Latin - inflected forms; some housekeeping
TheDaveBot (talkcontribs) TheDaveRoss (talkcontribs) Many things
WingerBot (talkcontribs) Benwing (talkcontribs) ?
Inactive bots
Bot name User name Bot functions
AutoFormat (talkcontribs) Robert Ullmann (talkcontribs) general - entry format
Buttermilch (talkcontribs) Kephir (talkcontribs) converting translation tables, general WT:TODO tasks
ComparBot (talkcontribs) Connel MacKenzie (talkcontribs) English - adj. comparative forms
Conrad.Bot (talkcontribs) Conrad.Irwin (talkcontribs) general maintenance, including anagrams and indices
DblRedirBot (talkcontribs) Connel MacKenzie (talkcontribs) general - eliminate dbl. redirects
Doddebot (talkcontribs) Dodde (talkcontribs) general - HTML replacement
Dvortybot~enwiktionary (talkcontribs) Dvortygirl (talkcontribs) audio - bulk linking
FitBot (talkcontribs) EncycloPetey (talkcontribs) Latin - inflected forms; Galician - verb forms
Flubot (talkcontribs) Flyax (talkcontribs) Greek - inflected forms; sort keys in Greek and French entries
GutenBot (talkcontribs) Connel MacKenzie (talkcontribs)
HersfoldBot (talkcontribs) Hersfold (talkcontribs) importing; * approved to run w/o bot flag
Interwicket (talkcontribs) Robert Ullmann (talkcontribs) general - interwiki links
KassadBot (talkcontribs) Liliana-60 (talkcontribs) German - verb forms. Auto-formatting
McBot (talkcontribs) Dominic (talkcontribs)
Mzajacbot (talkcontribs) Mzajac (talkcontribs) removing obsolete templates
NanshuBot (talkcontribs) Nanshu (talkcontribs) CJK ideographs
Neskbot (talkcontribs) Neskaya (talkcontribs) Hiligaynon - entry creation
OpiBot (talkcontribs) Dick Laurent (talkcontribs) Entry creation; template replacement
PastBot (talkcontribs) Connel MacKenzie (talkcontribs) English - verb past forms
PolyBOT (talkcontribs) Polyglot (talkcontribs) general - column templates
QuasiBot (talkcontribs) AugPi (talkcontribs) Latin, Esperanto, Interlingua - verb/inflected forms
RobotGMwikt (talkcontribs) GerardM (talkcontribs)
ScsHdrRewrBot (talkcontribs) Scs (talkcontribs) general - section headers
ScsRhymeBot (talkcontribs) Scs (talkcontribs) rhyme lists
SeeAlsoBot (talkcontribs) Vildricianus (talkcontribs)
SuperlBot (talkcontribs) Connel MacKenzie (talkcontribs) English - adj. superlative forms
Tbot (talkcontribs) Robert Ullmann (talkcontribs) translations - maintain {{t}} lnks
TempBot (talkcontribs) Vildricianus (talkcontribs) general - template replacement
TheCheatBot (talkcontribs) Connel MacKenzie (talkcontribs) English - noun plurals
ThirdPersBot (talkcontribs) Connel MacKenzie (talkcontribs) English - 3rd-pers. verb forms
UllmannBot (talkcontribs) Robert Ullmann (talkcontribs) CJK characters - Han entries
VolkovBot (talkcontribs) Volkov (talkcontribs) general - interwiki links
WarddrBOT (talkcontribs) Warddr (talkcontribs) general - interwiki links
Websterbot (talkcontribs) The Anome (talkcontribs) English - Webster’s (1913) entries
Werdnabot (talkcontribs) Werdna (talkcontribs) temporary - for testing