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The aul or village of Gimry, now in the Republic of Dagestan, where Imam Shamil (1797–1871), the third Imam of Dagestan, was born. It was photographed between 1905 and 1915 by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky, a pioneer of early colour photography of Russia.

Etymology 1Edit

Borrowed from Russian ау́л (aúl).



aul (plural auls)

  1. A village encampment in the Caucasus, Central Asia or the Southern Urals.
    • 1973, Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow, New York, N.Y.: Viking Press, →ISBN:
      His sorrel face, his long narrow eyes and dusty boots, where he goes on his travels and what really transpires inside the lonely hide tents Out There, among the auls, out in that wind, these are mysteries they don’t care to enter or touch.
    • 1993, Eduard M[artynovich] Dune; Diane P. Koenker and S[tephen] A[nthony] Smith, translators and editors, Notes of a Red Guard, Urbana; Chicago, Ill.: University of Illinois Press, →ISBN, page 221:
      Bitter fighting took place for Gimry, the home both of Khadzhi-Murad and Shamil. A highway ran along here, which permitted us to bring up artillery and to subject the aul to to preliminary bombardment. We did not fire at any specific target, but if even if half of our thirteen hundred shells had landed there, there would have been only a heap of ruins in place of the aul.
    • 2011, Michael Khodarkovsky, “Journey through the Northeast Caucasus”, in Bitter Choices: Loyalty and Betrayal in the Russian Conquest of the North Caucasus, Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, →ISBN, page 55:
      Crossing the large plateau, they passed the auls of Megeb and Chokh before reaching Gunib, a significant Avar settlement. [] The Avar auls were surrounded by a virtually uninterrupted circle of mountain ranges and occupied most of the plateaus between the tributaries of the Sulak River: Andi Koysu, Avar Koysu and Kara Koysu.
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Etymology 2Edit


aul (plural auls)

  1. Obsolete spelling of awl.




aul m (plural [please provide])

  1. tawny owl



  • “aul” in Umberto Martello Martalar, Alfonso Bellotto, Dizionario della lingua Cimbra dei Setti Communi vicentini, 1st edition, 1974.



From Old English eall (all, every, entire, whole, universal), from Proto-Germanic *allaz (all, whole, every), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂el- (all).



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