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Etymology 1 edit

From Late-Vietic *poːʔ, related to Chinese (MC pjuX|bjuX) (SV: phụ) likely through a Tai language. Compare Proto-Tai *boːᴮ, whence Thai พ่อ (pɔ̂ɔ). Ultimately a nursery word.

Noun edit

bố (𢂞)

  1. (Northern Vietnam) a father
    Synonyms: áng, ba, bác, bọ, cậu, cha, thầy, tía

Pronoun edit


  1. (Northern Vietnam) I/me, your father
  2. (Northern Vietnam) you, my father
  3. (Northern Vietnam) he/him, your/my father
  4. (Northern Vietnam, ironic) you, a male who I'm thinking is being stupid

Etymology 2 edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from . Doublet of vải.

Noun edit


  1. burlap; jute fabric