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Highland Popoluca edit

Noun edit


  1. loft

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  • Elson, Benjamin F.; Gutiérrez G., Donaciano (1999) Diccionario popoluca de la Sierra, Veracruz (Serie de vocabularios y diccionarios indígenas “Mariano Silva y Aceves”; 41)‎[1] (in Spanish), Instituto Lingüístico de Verano, A.C., →ISBN, page 14

Vietnamese edit

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Etymology 1 edit

From Middle Vietnamese căóc, cóc.

Noun edit

(classifier con) cóc (𧋉)

  1. a toad
    Con cóc là cậu ông trời,
    Nếu ai đánh cóc thì trời đánh cho.
    The Toad is the Heavenly Lord's boss,
    If you strike him, the Lord will strike you.
Derived terms edit
Derived terms

Etymology 2 edit

Particle edit


  1. (colloquial) not
Derived terms edit
Derived terms

Interjection edit


  1. (colloquial) no

Usage notes edit

  • Very informal. Not vulgar like đéo, thus preferable, especially in dialog writing or translation.

Etymology 3 edit

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Compare Proto-Katuic *ʔakɔk, Khmu [Cuang] kok, Thai กอก (gɔ̀ɔk).

Noun edit

(classifier cây, trái, quả) cóc ()

  1. species in the genus Spondias, such as Spondias dulcis

Etymology 4 edit

Non-Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese (SV: giác).

This morpheme was extensively attested written with the phonogram (MC kuwk) in Nôm texts, however, it already fell into disuse for some time before the colonial period.

Because of the fact that it is already mostly obsolete before the wide adoption of the Latin script, in modern romanization of Nôm texts, the phonogram (MC kuwk) is also commonly transliterated as *cốc, probably based on the Sino-Vietnamese reading cốc of the grapheme; however, there is little direct evidence that this is closer to actual pronunciation of the word when it was in use. On the other hand, cóc is glossed as biết (to know) in Đại Nam quấc âm tự vị (1885), and the compound cóc biết was translated as probè intelligere (to understand well) in Dictionarium Anamitico-Latinum (1838).

Verb edit

cóc ()

  1. (obsolete) to be aware of; to know

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