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From freedom ride +‎ -er


freedom rider (plural freedom riders)

  1. (politics, public policy) In the United States during the 1960s, a civil rights activist who participated in one or more bus trips, known as freedom rides, through parts of the southern US to demonstrate opposition to racial prejudice and segregation.
    • 1961, "‘Freedom Ride’ Must Continue—Rev. King," Sarasota Journal, 23 May, p. 2 (retrieved 29 Aug. 2010):
      A Negro leader said today the "freedom riders" whose arrival here touched off race riots last Saturday will continue their test of Southern bus station segregation barriers. . . . [T]he Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. . . told a news conference the group met for four hours last night and decided that "the freedom ride must continue."
  2. (politics, public policy) A participant in one or more of the similar excursions undertaken by protesters in Australia during the 1960s, in opposition to unfair discrimination against Aborigines.


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