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herse (plural herses)

  1. A kind of gate or portcullis, having iron bars, like a harrow, studded with iron spikes, hung above gateways so that it may be quickly lowered to impede the advance of an enemy.
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  2. Obsolete form of hearse (a carriage for the dead)
  3. (obsolete) A funeral ceremony.
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herse (third-person singular simple present herses, present participle hersing, simple past and past participle hersed)

  1. Alternative form of hearse
    • George Chapman, Iliad.
      The Grecians spritefully drew from the darts the corse, And hers'd it, bearing it to fleet.
    • Richard Crashaw
      The house is hers'd about with a black wood, Which nods with many a heavy-headed tree: Each flower's a pregnant poison, try'd and good; Each herb a plague.
    • William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, Act 3, Scene 1.
      I would my daughter were dead at my foot, and the jewels in her ear. O, would she were hers'd at my foot, and the ducats in her coffin.

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(See the entry for herse in
Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam, 1913.)




Latin hirpex.



herse f (plural herses)

  1. harrow (device for breaking up soil)
  2. portcullis (gate in the form of a grating)
  3. grate, grill (especially to block large objects floating down a river)
  4. candlestick, candelabrum (with a triangular base and spikes to hold large candles)
  5. stage lighting instrument, luminaire that disperses light over a stage
  6. (heraldry) portcullis



  1. first-person singular present indicative of herser
  2. third-person singular present indicative of herser
  3. first-person singular present subjunctive of herser
  4. third-person singular present subjunctive of herser
  5. second-person singular present imperative of herser

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