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Etymology 1Edit

Unknown; verb sense c. 1790,[1] Shropshire dialect,[2] perhaps variant of chip.[3]


kibble (third-person singular simple present kibbles, present participle kibbling, simple past and past participle kibbled)

  1. To grind coarsely.
    kibbled oats


kibble (countable and uncountable, plural kibbles)

  1. Something that has been kibbled, especially grain for use as animal feed.

Etymology 2Edit

From German Kübel (pail), from Middle High German, from Old High German -chublī (in miluhchublī (milk pail)), from Vulgar Latin *cupia, from Latin cūpa.[4]


kibble (plural kibbles)

  1. An iron bucket used in mines for hoisting anything to the surface.


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Further readingEdit

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