• IPA(key): /lɛdʒ/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɛdʒ
  • Hyphenation: ledge

Etymology 1Edit

From Middle English legge; usually considered to be from Middle English leggen, a variant of leyen (to put, lay (down, waste to)).


ledge (plural ledges)

  1. A shelf on which articles may be laid; also, that which resembles such a shelf in form or use, as a projecting ridge or part, or a molding or edge in joinery.
  2. (geology) A shelf, ridge, or reef, of rocks.
  3. A layer or stratum.
  4. A lode; a limited mass of rock bearing valuable mineral.
  5. (architecture) A (door or window) lintel.
  6. (architecture) A cornice.
  7. (shipbuilding) A piece of timber to support the deck, placed athwartship between beams.


ledge (third-person singular simple present ledges, present participle ledging, simple past and past participle ledged)

  1. (uncommon) To cause to have, or to develop, a ledge (during mining, canal construction, building, etc).
    • 1993, Proceedings, page 87:
      [...] preparation must not remove excess dentine from the canal, and care must be taken not to ledge the canal walls.
    • 2009, Mahmoud Torabinejad, Richard E. Walton, Endodontics: Principles and Practice, Elsevier Health Sciences (→ISBN), page 330:
      Length Longer canals are more prone to ledging than shorter canals. Careful attention to maintaining patency is required to prevent ledging.
      Initial Size Smaller-diameter canals are more easily ledged than larger-diameter canals. In summary ...

Etymology 2Edit

Shortening of legend.


ledge (plural ledges)

  1. (slang) A lege; a legend.

Etymology 3Edit

Shortening of legislature.


ledge (plural ledges)

  1. (Canada, slang) A provincial or territorial legislature building.
    • "Alberta Legislature," Explore Edmonton [4]:
      Known to Edmontonians as "the Ledge", the Alberta Legislature Building is a marvel of marble pillars, carved oak, beautiful Beaux-Arts architecture and stunning grounds.
  2. (Canada, slang) A provincial or territorial legislative assembly.