long for



long for (not comparable)

  1. likely to remain for a long time
    I asked the doctor if I was long for this world
    (likely to live a long time)
    • 2009, Karen Hawkins, Talk of the Town (page 126)
      But it doesn't matter, because Roxie's not long for this town. As soon as her mother's better, she'll be on her way to Paris.

Usage notesEdit

Used in the negative, questions or statements of doubt.


long for (third-person singular simple present longs for, present participle longing for, simple past and past participle longed for)

  1. (transitive) To have a desire for (a thing or an event).
    Synonyms: yearn for, crave for, hanker for
    He was the object of my affection; I longed for him to notice me.
    Oh how I long for this pandemic to end so we can go dancing again.
  2. (transitive) To miss (someone).
    • 1888, Tighe Hopkins, For Freedom, volume 2, page 104:
      “I will stay now, if you bid me,” she replied, as low. “See, I am going to my mother, who longs for me as I for her. I will not go unless you let me.”
    • 1982, Luise Mühlbach, chapter LIV, in F. Jordan, transl., Napoleon and Blücher: An Historical Novel, page 297:
      For some time he had not heard from his consort [] His heart longed for her and his child.
    • 2011, Edith Sitwell, Fanfare for Elizabeth:
      He remembered those long years before his marriage, when he had longed for her and she had resisted him []

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