From mazs ‎(small) +‎ -ināt.





  1. 2nd person plural present indicative form of mazināt

mazināt tr., 3rd conj., pres. mazinu, mazini, mazina, past mazināju

  1. to reduce, to turn down (to make it so that, e.g., a phenomenon, a process, a mental state, etc., becomes less intense, weaker)
    mazināt troksni — to reduce the noise
    mazināt gaismas spilgtumu — to turn down the brightness of the light
    mazināt ātrumu — to reduce the speed
    mazināt prieku, sāpes — to reduce the joy, the pain
    mazināt gribas spēku — to reduce the will power
    mazināt negatīvo ietekmi — to reduce the negative influence
    atpakaļceļā debesis pamazām aizklāj pelēki mākoņi, bet tas karstumu nemazina — on the way back, gray clouds had covered some of the sky, but this didn't reduce the heat
    paslepeni iebāzu mutē cukura graudiņu, lai mazinātu šī dārgā vīna skābumu — I secretly put in (my) mouth a sugar cube, in order to reduce the acidity of this expensive wine
  2. to reduce (to make something be less in quantity or in amount)
    mazināt zāļu devu — to reduce the medicine dose
    mazināt ūdens patēriņu — to reduce water consumption
    gads pēc gads aizritēja, un parāds palika nemazināts — year after year went by, and the debt remained unreduced


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