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Alternative formsEdit


From Opzoomer(straat) +‎ -en, the name of the street where the concept originated. The word is commonly interpreted as consisting of op- +‎ zomer +‎ -en, “to summer up” (and thence the separable conjugation), even though the street name (which is named after 19th-century philosophy professor Cornelis Willem Opzoomer) in fact is ultimately traced back to the etymologically different toponym Bergen op Zoom.


  • IPA(key): /ˈɔpˌzoː.mə.rə(n)/
  • Hyphenation: op‧zoo‧me‧ren



  1. (chiefly Rotterdam) to increase the quality of life and social cohesion in a residential street, especially in poorer areas, through communally organized initiatives such as social events and beautification projects
    • 2004, Karin van Doorn, Empowerment: over laten en doen, p. 37:
      De auteurs van het onderzoek schetsen opzoomeren als een 'stille kracht'. Er gaan geen miljarden in om zoals bij de herstructurering van wijken, maar als ontmoetingsbeleid is opzoomeren minstens zo effectief, zo niet effectiever.
      The authors of the research describe opzoomeren as a 'silent force'. It does not involve billions [of euros] as is the case in the restructuring of neighborhoods, but as a social policy opzoomeren is at least as effective, if not more so.


Rarely conjugated as a nonseparable verb (past participle geopzoomerd), reflecting the word's etymology.

Inflection of opzoomeren (weak, separable)
infinitive opzoomeren
past singular zoomerde op
past participle opgezoomerd
infinitive opzoomeren
gerund opzoomeren n
main clause subordinate clause
present tense past tense present tense past tense
1st person singular zoomer op zoomerde op opzoomer opzoomerde
2nd person sing. (jij) zoomert op zoomerde op opzoomert opzoomerde
2nd person sing. (u) zoomert op zoomerde op opzoomert opzoomerde
2nd person sing. (gij) zoomert op zoomerde op opzoomert opzoomerde
3rd person singular zoomert op zoomerde op opzoomert opzoomerde
plural zoomeren op zoomerden op opzoomeren opzoomerden
subjunctive sing.1 zoomere op zoomerde op opzoomere opzoomerde
subjunctive plur.1 zoomeren op zoomerden op opzoomeren opzoomerden
imperative sing. zoomer op
imperative plur.1 zoomert op
participles opzoomerend opgezoomerd
1) Archaic.