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Borrowed from Old Norse púki (demon, evil spirit), from Proto-Germanic *pūkô; compare Swedish puke (house spirit).[1]


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pūķis m (2nd declension)

  1. (mythology, religion) in old Latvian mythology, a household spirit that could be bought, bred, or stolen, and protected the wealth of his owner
    naudas pūķismoney pūķis
    mantas pūķisproperty pūķis
  2. dragon, winged serpent (reptilian monster that spits fire and devours people and animals)
    pūķis ar deviņām galvāma dragon with nine heads
    pūķa gadsthe year of the dragon (Chinese calendar)
  3. kite (toy made usually of colored paper that flies in the air, and is controlled from below with a line)
    papīra pūķispaper kite
    daudzplākšņu pūķimultiplane kites


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