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Borrowed from late Middle French perspiration, from perspirer (perspire), from Latin perspirare (to blow or breathe constantly), from per (through) + spirare (to breathe, blow) Morphologically perspire +‎ -ation

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perspiration (usually uncountable, plural perspirations)

  1. The action or process of perspiring.
    • 1627, Francis Bacon, Sylva Sylvarum: or, A Naturall Historie, London: W. Lee, Cent. VII, section 680, page 170:
      The Cauſe may be Want of Perſpiration : For Much of the Matter of Haire, in the other Parts of the Body, goeth forth by Inſenſible Perſpiration ; And beſides, the Skull being of a more ſolide Subſtance, nouriſheth and aſſimilateth leſſe, and excerneth more.
  2. (by extension) Hard work.
  3. A saline fluid secreted by the sweat glands; sweat.

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perspiration f (plural perspirations)

  1. perspiration

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