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Via other European languages, ultimately a borrowing from Latin reālis ‎(actual) (from rēs ‎(matter, thing), of unknown origin), adapted to fit Latvian patterns (cf. suffix -āls).


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reāls (def. reālais, comp. reālāks, sup. visreālākais; adv. reāli)

  1. real (that which indeed exists, which is not invented or imagined)
    reāla personareal person
    reāla pasaulereal world
    reāla īstenībareal, true reality
    reāla dzīvereal life
    reāla iespējareal option, possibility
    reālas grūtībasreal difficulties
    cilvēks ir pati reālākā no visām dzīvajām būtnēm, tāpēc ka viņš to saprot, apzinās un sajūt — the human being is the most real of all living beings, because he understands, senses and feels that
  2. (mathematics, of numbers) real (rational numbers or irrational, like π, but not complex, like i)
    reāli skaitļireal numbers
  3. real, viable, feasible (which can be done, realized, executed)
    reāls plāns, projektsreal, viable plan, project
    reāls uzdēvumsviable task
    reālas saistībasviable commitments
    līgums ir pilnīgi reāls un likumīgs, tas jāpilda — the contract is fully viable and legitimate, it must be carried out
  4. real (possible, serious, soon to be realized)
    reāli draudireal threat(s)
    reālas briesmasreal danger(s)
    reāls kandidāts uz čempiona titulu — a real candidate to the title of champion
  5. real, realistic, practical, matter-of-fact (showing a sound understanding and evaluation of reality)
    reāli uzskatireal, realistic opinions
    reāla rīcībareal, practical action
    šie cilvēki bija reālāk noskaņoti — these people were more real(istical)ly attuned (= had a more realistic, practical, matter-of-fact attitude)
  6. real, realistic (reflecting or depicting reality)
    A. Upīša reālā pasaka “Laimes lācis” — A. Upīšs' real(istic) tale “Lucky Bear”
  7. (dated, of education) real (focusing on natural sciences, mathematics and living languages)
    reālā izglītībareal education
    reālā ģimnāzijaReal-Gymnasium



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