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From spriest (past stem: spried-) (to judge) +‎ -ums.


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spriedums m (1st declension)

  1. judgment, opinion (thought or idea expressed as an affirmative or negative statement)
    pareizs, nepareizs spriedumscorrect, incorrect judgment, opinion
    pamatots spriedumsan informed judgment, opinion
    vienpusīgs spriedumsa one-sided judgment, opinion
    pārsteidzīgs spriedumshasty judgment
    pāragrs spriedumspremature judgment
    pretrunīgi spriedumicontradictory judgments, opinions
    izteikt savu spriedumuto express one's judgment, opinion
    būt apdomīgam savos spriedumosto be prudent in one's judgments, opinions
    kas ir jūsu spriedums par izstādi?what is your opinion of the exhibition?
    mana māte lepojas, ka man jau kopš vidusskolas laikiem esot savi patstāvīgi spriedumimy mother is proud of the fact that I always had my own opinions sice highschool
  2. (law) verdict, sentence (official decision of a court of law with respect to a civil or criminal case, according to its merits)
    tiesas spriedums(court) verdict
    attaisnojošs spriedumsacquittal (lit. acquitting verdict)
    notiesājošs spriedumsconviction (lit. condemning verdict)
    sprieduma apturēšanasentence suspension
    taisīt spriedumuto give a verdict, sentence
    pārsūdzēt spriedumuto appeal a verdict
    izpildīt spriedumuto carry out the verdict, sentence
    parakstīt nāves spriedumuto sign a death sentence
    kad tiesnesis pasludināja bargu spriedumu, publika aplaudējawhen the judge gave a harsh sentence, the audience applauded
  3. (logic) judgment (a type of thinking which expresses in affirmative or negative form objects and their characteristics with respect to each other)
    sprieduma priekšmetsthe object of judgment
    sprieduma subjekts, predikātsthe subject, the predicate of judgment
    vispārējs spriedumsgeneral judgment
    daļējs spriedumspartial judgment
    hipotētisks spriedumshypothetical judgment
    paradokss ir pārsteidzošs divu spriedumu savienojums, kurā no formāli loģiskā viedokļa viens spriedums otru izslēdz, taču reāli abi ir vienlīdz iespējamia paradox is a surprising union of two judgments in which, from a formally logical viewpoint, one judgment excludes the other, but in reality both are equally possible



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