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From Portuguese tael, from Malay tahil. Doublet of tahil.

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tael (plural taels)

  1. Any of several units of measure used in China and elsewhere in eastern Asia, approximately 40 grams.
  2. Any of several monetary units equal to the equivalent weight in silver.
  3. (Hong Kong) leung, a traditional unit of weight, in modern usage legally defined as 1/16 of a catty or kan () or 0.0377993638 kilograms

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Portuguese edit

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Borrowed from Malay tahil.

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tael m (plural taéis)

  1. tael (any of several eastern Asian units of measure)
  2. tael (any of several eastern Asian monetary units)

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  • IPA(key): /taˈel/ [t̪aˈel]
  • Rhymes: -el
  • Syllabification: ta‧el

Noun edit

tael m (plural taeles)

  1. tael

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