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  1. second-person singular present subjunctive form of tornar



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Borrowed from Middle Low German torn or Middle Dutch toorn or an East Frisian word (compare West Frisian toer; also compare German Turm), itself a borrowing, via Old Frisian torn, from Latin turris (accusative turrem). A dialectal German form Turn, borrowed as turnis, would in the Kurzeme dialects yield tornis (with [uo]). This word is first mentioned in 17th-century dictionaries.[1]


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tornis m (2nd declension)

  1. tower (tall, cylindrical or similarly shaped structure in a building)
    baznīcas, pils tornischurch, castle tower
    skatu, novērošanas tornisobservation tower
    ugunsdzēsēju tornisfire tower
    televīzijas tornistelevision tower
    cietokšņa tornisfortress tower
    vadības torniscontrol tower
    koka, tērauda torniswooden, steel tower
    dzelzsbetona tornisreinforced concrete tower
    torņa augšatop of the tower
    torņa pulkstenistower clock
  2. tank, silo (large vertical building used to store grain)
    skābbarības tornissilo (lit. silage tower)
  3. (chess) rook (chess piece shaped like a castle tower)
    iesaistīt torni spēlēto involve, employ the rook in the game


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