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A trumpeter.
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From trumpet +‎ -er.

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trumpeter (plural trumpeters)

  1. Someone who plays a trumpet.
  2. Any of three species of bird in the family Psophiidae from South America named for the trumpeting threat call of the males.
  3. Any of a number of breeds of fancy pigeon (variety of domestic pigeon (Columba livia), originally bred for their peculiar gurgling voice, a prolonged coo called "trumpeting" or "drumming").
  4. (figurative) One who proclaims, publishes, or denounces.
    • 1612, Francis Bacon, Of Vain Glory:
      These men are good trumpeters.
  5. An American swan (Cygnus buccinator) with a very loud honk.
    • 1998, Bob Devine, National Geographic Society (U.S.), Alien invasion: America's battle with non-native animals and plants:
      The trumpeters' fate seems likely to get tangled with that of the mute swan. Currently there's enough habitat for both species, but that may change if trumpeters flourish and mutes aren't controlled.
  6. A perciform fish of the family Latridae, native to Australia, New Zealand and Chile.
  7. One who makes a trumpeting sound.
    • 1975, Private Eye, numbers 340-366, page 9:
      Booster is not a loud trumpeter as elephants go.

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When piston cornets were introduced, a distinction was made between a person who played an old fashioned valveless trumpet (a "trumpeter") and a musician who played a cornet à pistons (a "trumpet player"). This distinction is mostly lost today, as the standard Bb trumpet is so much more prevalent than any museum-piece valveless trumpet.

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  1. indefinite plural of trumpet