From Proto-Italic *towos.



tuus (feminine tua, neuter tuum); first/second-declension determiner

  1. (possessive) your (singular)


First/second-declension adjective.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative tuus tua tuum tuī tuae tua
Genitive tuī tuae tuī tuōrum tuārum tuōrum
Dative tuō tuō tuīs
Accusative tuum tuam tuum tuōs tuās tua
Ablative tuō tuā tuō tuīs
Vocative tue tua tuum tuī tuae tua

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    • how are you getting on: quo loco res tuae sunt?
    • just as you wish: arbitratu, arbitrio tuo
    • I am sorry for you: tuam vicem doleo
    • remember me to your brother: nuntia fratri tuo salutem verbis meis (Fam. 7. 14)
    • your crop is still green, i.e. you are still far from your ambition: adhuc tua messis in herba est (proverb.)
    • allow me to say: pace tua dixerim or dicere liceat
    • allow me to say: bona (cum) venia tua dixerim
    • with perfect right: meo (tuo, suo) iure
    • (ambiguous) we expect a great deal from a man of your calibre: magna est exspectatio ingenii tui




  1. Romanization of ᮒᮥᮅᮞ᮪