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Ancient GreekEdit

second person pronoun (edit)
case singular dual plural
str. encl. str. str.
nominative σύ σφώ, σφῶϊ ῡ̔μεῖς
genitive σοῦ σου σφῷν ῡ̔μῶν
dative σοί σοι σφῷν ῡ̔μῖν
accusative σέ σε σφώ, σφῶϊ ῡ̔μᾶς
adjective σός ῡ̔μέτερος

Alternative formsEdit


From Proto-Indo-European *twós; cognate with Latin tuus and Old Armenian քո (kʿo).




σός (sósm (feminine σή, neuter σόν); first/second declension (second person singular possessive adjective)

  1. (modifying noun) your, of yours
  2. (as substantive, often with article) yours
    1. (in the plural) your people, family, friends; your possessions


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