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From Old Armenian ի դուրս (i durs, outside), locative case of դուրք (durkʿ, outer doors), plural of դուռն (duṙn, door).

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դուրս (durs)

  1. outside
    քաղաքից դուրսkʿaġakʿicʿ dursoutside the city, out of town
  2. beyond
  3. besides
  4. over, above
    չափից դուրսčʿapʿicʿ durstoo much

Adverb edit

դուրս (durs)

  1. out (forms compound verbs as an adverb)
    դուրս ածելdurs acel1) to put outside, to take out; 2) to empty (e.g., a container)
    դուրս անելdurs anel1) to kick out, to expel; 2) to dismiss from office or employment; 3) to take livestock out into the open
    դուրս բերելdurs berel1) to bring outside; 2) to receive what one requested for doing a job; 3) to accompany someone to their destination; 4) to get someone out of a difficult situation; 5) to depict or represent in one’s own way; 6) to prepare; 7) to save, to rescue
    դուրս բխելdurs bxelto come up, to rise to the surface
    դուրս գալdurs gal1) to come out; 2) to depart, to travel; 3) to come out (especially the sun or the moon); 4) to grow; 5) to sprout, to blossom; 6) to hatch; 7) to appear, to become visible; 8) to come out, to be found; 9) to be taken out (of something); 10) to turn out, to result in; 11) to realize, to come into being; 12) to happen, to occur, to work out; 13) to come out (in public, e.g., to give a speech or presentation; 14) to come out (to be published); 15) to be produced; 16) to be saved, to be rescued; 17) to be, to come into being; 18) to spill out, to gush out; 19) to reach, to turn out; 20) to leave (e.g., office, employment, or school)
    դուրս գնալdurs gnal1) to go out; 2) to leave, to depart; 3) to be exported; 4) to go to the bathroom
    դուրս գրելdurs grel1) to take out, to remove from (e.g., a list or register); 2) to let go of some money in order to pay someone; 3) to copy, to transcribe (e.g., text from a book); 4) to order, to make an order
    դուրս գցելdurs gcʿel1) to throw out, to kick out; 2) see դուրս բխել; 3) see դուրս ցցել; 4) to take out, to put outside
    իրեն դուրս գցելiren durs gcʿelto get up quickly and run out, to fly out
    դուրս ելնելdurs elnel1) to walk out, to go out; 2) to get out of situation, to free oneself; 3) to begin, to start
    դուրս ընկնելdurs ənknel1) to fall out of one’s natural place, to be displaced; 2) to lead an immoral, disrespectful life; 3) to not stay at home, to wander the streets, to roam; 4) to run out, to fly out, to throw oneself out
    դուրս թափելdurs tʿapʿel1) see դուր ածել
    դուրս թափվելdurs tʿapʿvel1) to spill out; 2) to come out of a nest or hollow
    դուրս թողնելdurs tʿoġnelto let out
    դուրս թռչելdurs tʿṙčʿel1) to run out, to fly out; 2) to erupt, to burst out; 3) to be produced
    դուրս ժայթքելdurs žaytʿkʿel1) to burst out, to erupt; 2) to spill out
    դուրս լողալdurs loġal1) to swim out of; 2) to gradually come out of a shelter; 3) to gradually come out, to rise
    դուրս խուժելdurs xužel1) to spill out in great numbers; 2) see դուրս ժայթել (definition 1)
    դուրս ծլկել՝ ծլկվելdurs clkel, clkvelto leave, to depart unnoticeably, to sneak out
    դուրս կորզելdurs korzel1) to steal, to pilfer; 2) to forcefully liberate
    դուրս հանելdurs hanel1) take out; 2) to bring out, to make known; 3) to evict
    դուրս հրավիրելdurs hravirelto lead someone out, to invite someone out, to make someone leave politely
    դուրս հորդալdurs hordalto spill out, to flood out
    դուրս ձգելdurs jgelsee դուրս գցել
    դուրս մնալdurs mnal1) to be kept out (of getting an education or employment), to be unable to receive an education or employment; 2) to lose the right to stay in school or work
    դուրս նետվելdurs netvelto run out, to fly out
    դուրս շպրտելdurs šprtel1) to throw out; 2) to evict, to kick out
    դուրս պրծնելdurs prcnel1) to get out of a dangerous or risky situation; 2) to get up, to go out; 3) to fall off, to turn off; 3) to liberate oneself; 5) to run out, to fly out
    դուրս տալdurs tal1) to take out; 2) to announce, to express; 3) to blabber, to talk nonsense; 4) to break out (in pustules, bumps, etc.) 5) to let go
    դուրս տանելdurs tanelto take out, to take outside
    դուրս ու տուն անելdurs u tun anelto take in and out, to go in and out
    դուրս քաշելdurs kʿašel1) to pull someone out; 2) to get (someone or something) out of a hole or crack; 3) to pull (a secret) out of someone
    դուրս քշելdurs kʿšel1) to drive out, to kick out; 2) to kick someone out, to expel someone
  2. outside

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դուրս (durs)

  1. outside, outdoors
    դրսիցdrsicʿfrom the outside
    դրսումdrsumin the outside
  2. the outer part

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